Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions - White Arctic tours and FAB Travel

1. The prices and all information regarding tours should be stated in a clear and detailed manner in the booklets, price lists and advertisements of the travel agency. A tour reservation is a binding contract for the customer and the travel agency, provided that the travel agency has confirmed the reservation in writing and the customer has paid the required confirmation fee as applicable. If a customer has presented a special demand for a service, it shall be stated in the contract between the parties.

2. Payments The estimated price of a tour, as per the date of payment, shall be paid in accordance with the advertised terms of every individual travel agency. The travel agency is authorized to request a deposit payment upon the confirmation of the reservation. Such a confirmation fee is not reimbursed although the customer cancels the reservation or if the travel agency terminates the contract on grounds of default by the customer. In instances where the airfare rules of airlines or other carriers go further than the SAF terms regarding payment, the rules that go further shall prevail. Valitor is the authorized reseller of services provided by White Arctic. valitor.is +354 525 2000 will appear on your card statement. Your card issuing bank may charge you for an international service fee.

3. Prices and price changes The stated estimated price upon confirmation of a reservation may be subject to changes in case of changes in one or more of the following price factors: Transportation costs, including fuel costs. Taxes or charges for certain services, for example, landing fees or charges for boarding or disembarking at harbours or airports. The exchange rate of the currency that applies to a specific tour. The agreed price will not be changed during the last 20 days prior to the beginning of a tour. A special service fee is charged for services that are not included in the price of a tour, for example, special reservation of a rented vehicle or accommodation, etc.

4. Cancellation or changes in reservations Changes or cancellations must be communicated to the info@whitearctic.is oremail addresses to be considered. Communications made outside of this channel may not be considered and may affect your eligibility in other parts of these Terms and Conditions. Any bookings and alterations to bookings made over the phone or via VOIP technology must be followed up with a response email on behalf of the client. If this is not possible before the tour start date the client must state this during the call.
Bookings and changes may be made to +354 556-5566 or +354 5712282

  • A tour reservation may be cancelled without costs if it is done within one week from the date a reservation is made, provided the date of departure is at least five weeks prior to departure.
  • If a cancellation is requested later than four weeks prior to departure, the travel agency reserves the right to withhold the confirmation fee.
  • If the cancellation is made giving less than 28 days but more than 14 days of notice, the travel agency withholds 50% of the price of the tour.
  • If a cancellation is made giving less than 14 days of notice the travel agency has the right to charge 75% of the fare.
  • If the notice is made only four regular weekdays or less, the entire fare becomes non-reimbursable.
  • If a participant does not show up for departure at the right time or is unable to embark on the journey due to the absence of valid travel documents like passport, visa, an immunization certificate, or for other reasons, he/she is not entitled to reimbursement of the tour.
  • If your cruise ship can not dock due to illness outbreak on board, weather conditions or any other environmental circumstances you will always receive a full refund.
  • Exempt from this are any rescheduled second tries of tours which already have been serviced as a first departure.
  • In the case of a volcanic eruption taking place on Icelandic soil causes a cancellation of your flight to the country, you will also receive a full refund.

The customer is always authorized to cancel a tour reservation due to acts of war, life-threatening contagious diseases or other similar instances that have determining impact on the execution of travelling 14 days or less prior to departure. In that case full reimbursement (minus the confirmation fee) will be made. This does not apply to, however, if the customer has foreseen the above-mentioned circumstances when the contract was made. Changing the date of a tour is permissible if the change is made more than one month in advance. If this is done after such a time it is deemed as cancellation and as a new reservation, in which case the travel agency reserves the right to reimbursement accordingly, cf. the cancellation terms as stated above. A change in destination is always considered as cancellation and as a new reservation. A special change fee is charged regarding other changes than stated above.

4a. TEMPORARY CHANGE Due to the uncertainty regarding the Corona Virus - COVID-19 we have decided the following change. Refunds can take at least eight to tvelwe weeks. This is a temporary change and is valid until the end of May 2020. If the uncertainty continues, this decision will be reassessed.

When it comes to cancellations, we understand that cancelling vacations can be frustrating, so we do our best to accommodate the customer by either rescheduling within the year 2020 or issue credit for the next two years.
Contact us at info@whitearctic.is

5. Transfer of reservation A customer may transfer his/her reservation to a party that meets the terms of participation. The customer, as well as the transferee, shall immediately notify the travel agency of such a transfer. In this case the transferor of a tour and the transferee hold both joint and individual responsibility towards the travel agency in regards of payment of any extra costs that may derive from such a transfer. Transferring a tour after the issuance of the travel ticket is not permissible, and in other cases when the parties selling service for such a tour have set conditions in which the travel agency is not authorized to make change on.

6. Cancellation and changes of travel itinerary A travel agency is not responsible for unforeseeable circumstances over which the travel agency has no control and the consequences of which it could not have prevented. In such a case the travel agency is authorized to change or cancel the tour altogether, provided the customers are being immediately notified. If the travel agency changes a tour prior to its beginning, the customers will be notified as soon as possible. In case of a substantial change on behalf of the customer, he/she should notify the travel agency as soon as possible whether he/she wishes to terminate the contract or enter into an additional contract stipulating the changes that have been made of the original contract and their impact upon the prices and other terms. If a tour is cancelled or if a customer terminates a contract to a tour prior to departure in case of substantial changes, the customer is entitled either to full reimbursement or to accept an alternative tour comparable or better in quality if the travel agency is able to offer such an option. If the tour that is offered instead is cheaper the customer will be reimbursed the balance. If the tour is more expensive the balance should be paid by the customer. The stated time of a tour when a reservation is made is an estimated time and may be subjected to changes. The travel agency is authorized to cancel a tour on grounds of insufficient participation, as very often a certain required minimum number of participants is stated in a tour. The participants will be notified in writing about the cancellation of a tour not less than three weeks prior to the estimated date of departure. Tours that last for one week or less, however, may be cancelled with two weeks of notice in advance.

7. Customers obligations Customers are obligated to abide by the instructions of tour guides /leaders or personnel of the parties with whom the travel agency has business. The customer is obligated to abide by the prevailing laws and public regulations in the country he/she is travelling in, showing consideration for other fellow travellers and to abide by the prevailing rules in transportation vehicles, the points of transit (for example at air terminals), places of accommodation and at restaurants etc., as he/she is responsible for any damage he/she may cause by his/her conduct. A customer who does not show up at the point of departure (for example at the air terminal) at the appropriate time has waived his/her right to compensation if he/she misses the reserved tour. If customer is in breach in this respect or at the beginning of a tour indicating that he/she will cause disturbance to other follow travellers by means of misconduct, the travel agency is authorized to prevent him/her from embarking or continuing the journey. If the relevant customer insist on completing, it has to be done at his/her own expense, without any right to claim reimbursement from the travel agency. The travel agency is authorized to refuse accepting the business of customers on grounds of their previous offences and to reject the business of customers who the travel agency deems as being unable to travel, for example, on grounds of illness etc.

8. Limited liability and compensation Customers have the option of purchasing at their own expense a travel, accident/illness and luggage insurance through the travel agency or through the insurance companies. Additionally, cancellation of such kind of insurance is not included in the price of a tour. The travel agency furthermore reserves the right to restrict compensation in accordance with the restrictions laid down by national legislation or international agreements. The travel agency assumes that the customers travelling in group tours enjoy such good health that there is not risk of them causing discomfort to others or delaying the tour because of an illness. A customer falling ill during a group tour is personally responsible for the costs derived thereof, as well as the expenses for returning home. A passenger does not have the right for reimbursement if he/she does not complete a tour for these reasons or other reasons for which the travel agency cannot be blamed for.Possible complaints over a tour shall be made to the tour guide/leader as soon as possible and a written complaint shouldll then be dispatched to the travel agency as soon as possible, however, not later than within one month from the date the relevant person completed his/her tour. Otherwise, possible claims for compensation will not be accepted. A customer suffering injury or damage to property because a tour is unsatisfactory has the right to compensation except in instances where: failure of performance of a contract will not be attributed to negligence of the travel agency or other service providers, orthe default is caused by the customer or a third party who is not connected to the service as agreed upon and the default was unforeseeable or unavoidable, orthe default is due to circumstances or events out of the control and could not be foreseen or prevented by the service provider. If a tour does not meet the provisions of a contract the customer may demand compensation unless this results in abnormal costs or significant problems for the travel agency. If improvements cannot be made or only through a lesser service, the customer is entitled to a price decrease of his/her tour equaling the difference between the agreed service and the provided service.

Issued on March 1st 2019.

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